Regular Maintenance Or Replacement Of Slime Dryer Accessories

Several hints to remind you to maintain or replace the accessories in the coal slime drying plant
The coal slime drying line consists of many different accessories, which will wear during use, but the worn parts are usually not easy to find. How to check the wearing parts and when is it better to replace the wearing parts of the dryer?

slime dryer accessories11

1.When the tooth thickness of the drive gear in the slime dryer production line is worn by 30% or 0.5 moduli, or the rim can not be restored well, the drive gear should be replaced or repaired.
2. When the cylinder of the coal slime dryer production line has cracks and local deformation, it needs to be repaired and replaced.
3. When the surface of the rolling ring belt of the coal slime dryer line is worn into a cone or polygon, and there are partial through cracks, it must be replaced.
4.When the diameter of the supporting roller journal of the coal slime dryer line is reduced by 20% or the thickness of the rolling rim of the supporting roller and the retaining wheel is reduced by 25%, or the rim is ground into a cone or other special shape, or the rim has a penetrating crack. it must be repaired or replaced.
5.The lifting board needs to be replaced after severe wear and deformation.
6. When the motor heats up, it needs to be replaced and repaired.