What is the Application of the Dried Sawdust?

Sawdust dryer is one of the core equipment for the development of biomass energy that customers pay attention to. In addition to the price and quality of the sawdust dryer equipment, the sales and profits of wood pellets after drying and pelletizing are also the focus of customers’ attention. As one of the most popular drying equipment in the market, what kind of help and benefits can the wood sawdust dryer bring to wood processing companies? What kind of reuse can the treated wood sawdust achieve?

dry sawdust1

Firstly, sawdust is mainly used as dried pellet fuel, and its economic value is generally high. The wet sawdust with a moisture content of about 45% can be quickly reduced to 10% ~ 12% after being dried by DONGDING sawdust dryer. The drying process has sufficient heat exchange, low energy consumption, high quality of compressed sawdust pellet fuel, and its market price is several times that of waste wood and sawdust recycling, and the profit is higher.

Secondly, after drying, the sawdust is supplemented by dehumidification, organic fertilizer, or plant cultivation organic matter. For example, if the sawdust is put into the pig house, it can remove water after fermentation and keep the pig house clean. It is still a good organic fertilizer. In addition, sawdust is the main component of mushroom compost, which can be used as nutrient soil for potted flowers and seedlings after being mixed with a certain proportion of livestock and poultry manure.

The annual output of waste wood chips is huge. The use of wood chip dryer drying equipment can upgrade waste wood chips and wood chips into profitable power fuels, realize the recycling of waste resources, and burn clean and sulfur-free, which is of great significance to resources and environmental protection.